Are your gutters leaking or bowing?

It may be time to replace them. Gutters can be replaced in sections or you may need a total replacement depending on the state of the existing gutters.

We will inspect the gutters to determine what will need to be done. As the gutter system moves water away from the home, it is vulnerable to the build-up of leaves, twigs, dirt, pine cones, and insects.

As these elements settle into the troughs of the system, a resulting blockage will occur. This blockage is what leads to leakage and eventual damage to the home. Without proper maintenance and the assistance of professional gutter cleaners, homeowners can face damage from the overflow of water into the structure.

The build-up of debris in a gutter system is inevitable. Over time, as rainwater rushes through the system, it will bring with it leaves and other debris. The only way of effectively preventing a blockage is through routine gutter cleaning. It is recommended that you perform gutter cleaning at least once a year, although bi-annual cleanings are an ideal way of preventing the problem.

It is also important to ensure the down-pipes are clear as no matter how clean the gutters are if the down-pipes are blocked, water will still overflow into the eaves and in some cases down the wall cavity.

At Preferred Elite Construction, we take pride in our gutter work and we can advise and guide you with our experience on what best suits your home or commercial property.